What not to do during the Covid-19 pandemic as Brits make costly mistakes

My inbox is dominated at the moment by readers battling with Covid-19 issues and the lockdown.

I’ve been able to advise and help many of you – but there have also been those where bad, and in some cases costly, decisions were made.

So I am concentrating this week on what NOT to do during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do not cancel your vehicle insurance

Not driving any more doesn’t mean you can just ditch cover

Two readers contacted me for help in relation to car insurance.

Both had cancelled their policies as they are not driving during the lockdown and considered they did not need insurance.

Both had the cars stolen and had no insurance to claim on.

This is not the only reason not to cancel your policy though, as you also have a legal obligation.

That has been the case since 2011 when the law changed, requiring the vehicle to be insured rather than the driver. So even if the driver stops driving, the vehicle must still have cover.

The only exception is when the vehicle is kept on private land and you have declared it “off road” via a SORN notification.

Do not cancel a holiday booked for after June 2020

Cancelling too soon could see you seriously out of pocket

If your holiday is cancelled you will be entitled to a refund.

However, if you cancel the holiday yourself, it is not always so straightforward – generally, you will be bound by the holiday company’s terms and conditions.

In the present climate there is good reason to cancel holidays booked up to or during June, as we are currently in lockdown and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all non-essential travel.

However, despite the FCO advice, it is not totally clear what the position will be post-June and there is therefore a chance (maybe a slim chance) that holidays will be able to to proceed after this period.

This means holiday companies can argue there was no need for you to cancel, resulting in refund requests being denied.

Several readers have told me this has happened to them – and some have informed me that their travel insurer refused to cover them for post-June cancellations.

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