This book teaches you multiple sources of income online

The COVID-19 pandemic has rethought the needs of consumers and the opportunity to market from digital platforms.

An estimate from Kantar warns that within Latin America, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sales through electronic commerce was 500 percent in Mexico, making it the second country with the highest increase in the region , while Peru became the first country to have an increase in sales through electronic commerce during this contingency, adding 900 percent, while Brazil only registered an increase of 130 percent.

In Goodbye to Your Boss – Multiple Sources of Income: How to make money online Héctor J. Sosa He warns us in four chapters within his work, a series of resources where he recognizes the importance of creating diverse multiple sources of income and proposes ways to generate resources such as self-publication of books, blogging, vlogging, the publication of a YouTube channel , e-commerce, online courses, web page design, podcast production.

Another topic that the author warns about is that he guides you through the beginning in each of these areas, which become creative resources to generate income in the market.

Diversifying resources has become a very good opportunity for professionals to multiply their income with which they prepare for eventualities, such as, for example, the rest of losing your main source of income, such as your 9th grade job. Well at six in the afternoon, for example.

This work is a great companion in your work as a professional and in the resources that help you generate wealth, especially if you consider that digital has become an extremely practical ally to generate resources today.


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