the works that will change your results as a marketer

This week we recommend 5 works that are important references in your work as a marketer, due to the knowledge you have.

This week we recommend a series of works that are important recommendations to improve the results in your work.

Diversify your sources of income online

In Goodbye to Your Boss – Multiple Sources of Income: How to make money online Héctor J. Sosa He warns us in four chapters within his work, a series of resources where he recognizes the importance of creating diverse multiple sources of income and proposes ways to generate resources such as self-publication of books, blogging, vlogging, the publication of a YouTube channel , e-commerce, online courses, web page design, podcast production.

Another topic that the author warns about is that he guides you through the beginning in each of these areas, which become creative resources to generate income in the market.

Diversifying resources has become a very good opportunity for professionals to multiply their income with which they prepare for eventualities, such as, for example, the rest of losing your main source of income, such as your 9th grade job. Well at six in the afternoon, for example.

This work is a great companion in your work as a professional and in the resources that help you generate wealth, especially if you consider that digital has become an extremely practical ally to generate resources today.

Master ROI in digital marketing

The marketing and sales roi of Pablo Turletti It is a great recommendation, to have a guide in business processes and to know how to value work from a methodology, which is oriented to carry out a model with which you can economically validate a project before generating investment, giving intelligence to business and more process efficiency.

Become a digital marketer

In Becoming A Digital Marketer: Gaining the Hard & Soft Skills for a Tech-Driven Marketing Career Anya and Gil Gildner They have prepared an important work that starts from basics such as explaining what marketing is, so it becomes a very good guide to help professionals develop strategies that are relevant.

A point that we cannot lose sight of in this work is the correct administration of strategies such as pay per click advertising or social media marketing, so relevant in these days when huge brands have boycotted Facebook, by refusing to follow advertising on this platform.

Another of the great topics addressed in this work is the handling of email marketing, which is one of the foundations within this matter, web development and the construction of content to do branding with them.

One of the many other topics that he also addresses in his work is the interpretation of data and the management of metrics, as well as a very common topic in this area, self-employment in marketing.

These types of works are great companions in your work with brands and in your talent management, so that you become a professional with unique skills in managing digital resources.

Digital Marketing of Results

In Digital Marketing That Actually Works the Ultimate Guide: Discover Everything You Need to Build and Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy That Gets Results (English Edition) an action map is presented to understand digital marketing and implement it to deliver results.

Within the work, the reader is guided in the use of channels, tactics and tools that help measure the effect that a digital marketing strategy has on business.

The book is intended for business professionals and marketers who want to empower digital marketing with robust strategies and tools that really work.

This title is made up of 18 chapters where they teach you to prioritize digital marketing, exploit working channels such as conversational marketing and define your digital marketing strategy understanding the context.

The 7 best strategies in digital marketing

In 7 Internet Marketing Strategies: To Create Your Own Online Empire (Spanish Edition) Martín Meneses You will find a program designed to have quick results and with effect on your digital strategy, especially at a time when you can boost your physical business, your affiliation strategy or using content to sell products.

The author’s idea in his work is that the internet is a new medium and that we must adapt to it in order to communicate commercially with the brands we work with, having an effect on the various markets in which we work and in the development of products of various kinds that have been made to be able to boost the commercial effect of physical businesses and the capacity they achieve.


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