Student quits university and now biggest earner in family making £10,000 a month

A student who dropped out of university to flog racy pictures online through OnlyFans is now the biggest earner in her household and makes £10,000-a-month.

Imogen Duffield didn’t enjoy studying linguistics at Newcastle University and decided to forge ahead with her X-rated adult career.

She dropped out and moved back in with her parents, and charges subscribers on the OnlyFans website for explicit content and steamy videos.

Imogen had previously been a marketing intern but instead chose a lucrative lifestyle in porn.

The 20-year-old is now raking in thousands of pounds a week, and within a year is already the biggest earner in her house.

She has 70,000 followers on twitter under the moniker the Big Imo, and is on track to make £120,000 in 2020.

Imogen charges subscribers kinky requests such as penis ratings and foot fetishes.

She dropped out of university and moved back in with her parents

Imogen charges subscribers kinky requests such as penis ratings and foot fetishes

She said: “I do indeed make more than my parents now.

“They work in IT and my mum is a key worker.

“I don’t talk about my income too much with them.

“They appreciate my success and are proud of me for how well I’ve managed to do for myself.”

“But they don’t necessarily want to know the details of their daughter’s porn career,” Imogen, of Sheffield, said laughing.

“As long as I pay rent on time they’re happy.”

Imogen explained she was miserable studying at university and tried OnlyFans to make a bit of extra cash.

But at the start of her second year, in September 2019, she decided studying wasn’t for her and dropped out.

“I was truly miserable at university, it wasn’t what I wanted for myself at all,” she said.

“Regardless of my OnlyFans career I think I would have left anyway.

The 20-year-old is now raking in thousands of pounds a week

“OnlyFans was there to reduce the anxiety of leaving really.

“I had a steady income and something to do – I didn’t have to worry about employment issues which ultimately aided my mental health.”

Imogen’s saucy occupation has gone from a steady income to a full-time career.

She now makes around £10,000-a-month and rates around 50 penises a week.

She assesses fellas’ members for their size and attractiveness, and gives a score out of 10.

And the saucy star has gone from having 70 twitter followers to 70,000 in less than a year.

“I didn’t blow up overnight, I don’t make six figures a month,” she said.

She is already the biggest earner in her house

Imogen’s making money judging people online

“But I think I’ve made myself a nice sustainable income.

“Currently my savings account is looking very healthy, and after the lockdown I’m going to be moving out.

“To be financially stable and comfortable, no matter the amount, is all I want for myself.”

And Imogen says her steamy career has made her “desensitised” to kinks and fetishes.

“In the vanilla world, people turn their noses up at people with foot fetishes, but here that and a lot more is just part and parcel of life,” she explained.

Imogen said it wasn’t for the thin-skinned

She even has some subscribers who have a fetish for people being fully clothed, and pay Imogen for pictures and videos in a variety of outfits.

“Given the nature of my job I’d say that’s probably one of the more different requests,” she said.

Imogen explained that while she may be raking in big money, there is a nasty side to the X-rated world.

“It’s not for people with thin skin,” she said.

“From the vicious competitive nature the community can sometimes sink to, to the people who downright hate us and see us as worthless, it’s nasty here.

“It’s really nasty. I’d love for it to be a normalised career choice, but it currently isn’t and I think it’s important to remember that getting into it.”

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