Six Simple Techniques To Get a Review For Your Business

Vancouver, British Columbia, Sept. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We are living in the digital world where most of the traditional ways of marketing are obsolete now. We have to look for new ways to make our business public. It doesn’t matter if you own a big or small business, reviews are always good ways to get publicity. If you have no clue how to do it, we are going to present you with six simple techniques to get a review for your business.

For one thing, reviews help you get credit, and as a result, it leads to a boost up in your business. When you get enough reviews on popular websites, you are pushing your internet search ranking up!

People are shopping online more these days. They may not have the time to go out and see the product for themselves. Reading other customer reviews helps them make a better decision. It’s like they are receiving real-life experience from someone who has used a website or a product or etc.

But is kind of is tricky. You see, most happy customers or consumers never come and comment or mention their positive feelings, it’s the unhappy customers who knock you and your business down. So, how can you get happy customers to step up and give you their positive reviews?

Six simple techniques to get a review from happy customers

We are going to walk you through some beneficial techniques to get your business more under people’s radar:

  1. First things first, you should introduce yourself to the world wide web. There are some great websites that you can go to and put your business up as one of the many to receive reviews. Popular and verified websites like Reviome can do the trick for you. That could easily be your first step.
  1. You could simply ask them: there is no shame in asking your customers or clients to leave a review online for you. It is not going to take much time, so they most likely don’t mind taking the time to do it. And since you already have chosen your platform, you know where to tell your clients to go and drop their review, i.e., Review Side.

    If you are working in the customer service section, just ask the customers for their email. Once you have it, tell them that you are going to send them a link to a review website and ask them politely to leave a review on the website. As a bonus, you could motivate them with the promise of a discount next time they are here.

  2. In-store encouragement: You can put a sticker, a poster, a brochure, a banner, or something similar with a reminder of the review website in your store and motivate your customers to go there and leave you a review.

    You can also put a kiosk near the exit part of your store with a tablet or a PC which already has the review website on, and encourage them to leave you a review before they leave. This also is a good place to offer them a discount or credit from your store next time they come again if they drop a review for you.

    Or if they are visiting your website, add a pop-up that asks them to leave a review before they leave the website page.

  1. Tell them how short it will be and appreciate it: some customers may feel that it is going to be time-consuming and therefore they are not even going to consider doing that. Explain in a friendly way that it only is going to take a few minutes and tell them how grateful you are for the time they take to do so.
  1. Choose the right review website: in the vast ocean of the internet, you can find different places that your customers can leave reviews for you. But you have to consider the following:

• The website should be user friendly and easy use. Otherwise, it discourages your customers to leave a review there.

• it should be a popular and authentic website that has a lot of readers. If not, what is the point of having a million reviews if you have no readers?

• Free websites are good enough, but try to choose the best one. One like Review Side. When the clients find out that they also can make money by doing a review on your business, it triples their intention to do so.

  1. Make it a routine: successful businesses have made the reviewing process a part of their routine in the process of purchasing. It’s like every customer knows for a fact that a request for a review, whether in online shopping or when they are shopping in person, they are going to be asked for a review. Of course, this should not be done in a mandatory way, it should be a voluntary action that can have good consequences afterward for them. With the right detail illustration, you will see most customers do so eagerly.


If you do not want to fall behind from the market, you have to keep your pace up with the new methods of marketing. You have to welcome and use the new ways of attracting more customers, one of which is getting your customers to leave you good reviews on high visited websites. As the reviews grow, you most defiantly grow with them. And to make hat happen even easier, try to use the six simple techniques to get a review for your business mentioned above.

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