How the Anti-Defamation League Is Fighting Election Misinformation Online

“Upon rechecking [the following morning], 67 of those 152 tweets had been labeled as misinformation or annotated with election security information. But the 85 tweets to which Twitter did not respond received an additional 350,000  engagements,” Sifry said.

Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy responded, “Our teams are reviewing all the Tweets referenced … and will take enforcement action if they find violative content, in line with the Twitter Rules and our Civic Integrity Policy.”

As for misinformation spreading via search engines, ADL’s Senior Vice President of Policy Eileen Hershenov said the organization is tracking keywords related to things like violent militia groups and known conspiracy theories.

“The top 10 states where we’re seeing this: Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, Oregon and West Virginia,” Hershenov said

Hershenov added that individuals who spot troubling conversations can either go directly to law enforcement agencies and social media platforms like the ADL does, or direct their concerns to the ADL as a middle man.

“There are a lot of people blowing off steam, right?” Sifry said. “That’s totally OK. So we are in some sense in the business of finding needles in haystacks.”

And what happens after we do know the final outcome of the election? For the White House and other races, too?

“You know, this is not a time to let our guard down,” Segal said, warning that people inclined to concoct conspiracy theories will keep at it, long after the rest of us have moved on with our lives.

Especially known conspiracy theorists just elected to Congress, Hershenov added. The ADL, she said, sent a letter to congressional leaders on the issue.

“Look, we have free speech. They can say what they want. They can the assemble and associate with who they want. But we should not give them a platform in Congress. You should not put them in leadership positions, in committees, in caucuses,” Hershenov said.

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