Group: Ensure no Ramadan buffets in Johor

JOHOR BARU: Johor is urged to impose the no-Ramadan buffet ruling during this fasting month at hotels and restaurants in the state.

Johor Consumers Movement Association chairman Md Salleh Sadijo said there should be no compromise on this.

“Social restriction must continue to be imposed until Covid-19 virus is totally cleared,’’ he said.

Md Salleh said the authorities should take heed of the recent outcry from experts following announcements allowing barbers, hair salons and some other services to open.

Many had disagreed on the move.

“Daily Ramadan buffets at hotels are popular with Malaysians and the situation could be dangerous as it is hard to control the crowd,” said Md Salleh.

It was reported state health and environment committee chairman R. Vidyanathan said there would be no Ramadan bazaars in Johor during the fasting month this year.

He said in the media statement that the decision was made in tandem with the Federal government’s advice on the matter to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Administrative assistant William Chong said while hotels and restaurants might miss the opportunity to make money during this year’s Ramadan, they should think of the safety of others.

“The government is working hard to contain Covid-19, and all of us should give our full cooperation,” he said.

Retireee Zulkifli Ibrahim said normally during Ramadan, many companies and well-wishers would host breaking of fast events for the underprivileged at hotels and restaurants.

“Maybe this year they could still treat them by delivering packed meals to the homes,” he said.

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