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Have you thought about every time your Internet is down? Did you know that you can use your connection to earn extra money? This is what Honeygain promises. The service turns your mobile phone into a gateway allowing customers from all over the world to use their IP address for SEO monitoring, ad verification, market research or brand protection campaigns.

Essentially, it’s about lending your data bandwidth to expand the services of businesses that need to reach different parts of the world. The Honeygain app works in all countries and is available for Android, Windows and MacOS. Is she sure? Honeygain guarantees that no one will have access to your data on your cell phone or computer, only your Internet connection will be shared.

Internet traffic is only used by trusted partners and reputable companies. All connections made through your device are securely encrypted and the Honeygain app itself will have no access to your device’s storage.

Are you interested in trying Honeygain? You can download and try it for free. It is very simple to use and you can earn money while you sleep. You can also earn an initial amount of $ 5 using the all cells coupon.

How to use Honeygain?

All you need to do to use Honeygain and earn money is download the app to your phone or PC and create an account. You can use Facebook or Google login for this. After completing the login part, you will drop into the screens above.

This is basically it. There is nothing to configure and nothing complicated that no one can figure out. It is possible to install Honeygain on multiple devices with the same account. In the example above, we have it installed on Android phone and Windows PC.

And after installing it, what should I do? Nothing! This is the “magic” of Honeygain. Just keep your device connected to the internet to act as a gateway and generate traffic. It mainly uses the Wi-Fi connection, but you can also change the settings to allow mobile data.

The app consumes around 5-10% of the battery per day, which can be a problem for those who are already struggling with the short battery life. That’s why you might want to use an old phone or activate the app only while charging.

How much can you earn with Honeygain?

Let’s Go: How Much Can You Make With Honeygain? You will earn 0.01 USD (10 credits) for every 100MB of Internet data shared. According to the FAQ, Honeygain uses around 2 GB per day, but can reach 15 GB per day, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Of course, it varies a lot from country to country and what region you are in, which changes depending on demand. So, you can have more traffic than estimated by them, and you may end up earning less than expected.

To improve your income, you can invite your friends to share their connection. To do this, simply share the generated link on the platform itself and you will earn 10% of what they receive with Honeygain.

It is possible to earn more by installing Honeygain on more devices, but each device must use a different network. If you install multiple devices on the same network, the system will distribute the traffic among all the devices and you will end up earning the same.

In other words, by installing the app on at least three devices using different networks and calling friends to join you on Honeygain, it will be possible to earn $ 20 per month.

How is your internet used by others?

When sharing their Internet connection through Honeygain, Business Partners can access the web from their location. This is how you help other people see the Internet as it is seen by real people – without any location restrictions or censorship.

Your connection can be used by major brands. They can scan the web for copies and counterfeits of their products, as well as other intellectual property violations, giving you some peace of mind when shopping for items online.

With ad verification, businesses can verify that their ads are displaying correctly and on the right sites – exactly where they need to be displayed.

And thanks to the Honeygain network, application developers can optimize their test workflow so that everyone can experience the content of their applications as they should.

How is the payment made?

You can track your income through the app or the website in the second dashboard option called Transaction History. There it shows how much data has been used on your network and how much that equals in dollars. With every $ 20 accumulated, it will be possible to withdraw to your PayPal account and you will have the money available within 24 hours.

Download Honeygain now

You can download Honeygain for Windows, Android and MacOS via the links below. The app is not available on the play store, so you will have to download the apk on your phone and install it manually. You can also use the all-celled coupon to earn an initial amount of $ 5 in your account.

The Honeygain project kicked off on May 24, 2019, as the world’s first crowdsourcing proxy network, accessible to anyone, anywhere. The project was a reaction to the ever-increasing demand for web analytics infrastructure. The company is truly international and currently employs professionals from Germany, USA, UK, Russia, France, Spain, Baltic States, India and Vietnam.

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