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THOSE who are self-isolating or particularly vulnerable can avoid the health risk of going to the bank to cash a cheque a lot more easily than you would think.

Here’s how to get out of having to make the trip and cash a cheque from your sofa instead.

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Can I pay a cheque in online during the coronavirus lockdown?

Most banks allow you to cash a cheque from their ATM’s and in person.

However, there is another way that means you can stay at home and do it online through your bank’s respective apps and online banking.

The system is simple and easy to use and all you need it a flat surface and a bit of light.

It works the same way a QR code does – you lay the cheque out as flat as possible and take a picture of it when prompted by the app.

These are the general steps you need to follow for banks that allow it:

  • Log into your mobile banking account. Most online banks will work best with their respective mobile apps, but you should be able to access it with a browser too.
  • Select the ‘deposit cheque’ option
  • Choose the account you want the cheque paid into
  • Enter the exact value of the cheque
  • Allow the app to access your camera
  • It will then come up with a green frame that works like a QR code.
  • Lay the cheque down on a flat, well lit surface with a dark background and hold the camera directly above the cheque.
  • Hold your phone still once the cheque is lined up within the green square and the app will take a photo
  • You will need to do this for both sides even if the back is blank
  • Review the details and then confirm the deposit
  • Once accepted, keep the cheque until the status of the deposit reads ‘funds available’ and you can see that the money is in your account.
  • Destroy the paper cheque.

When are banks open?

Banks and post offices are classed as essential businesses and have stayed open during lockdown across the UK.

Many banks have adjusted their opening hours due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, so check your local branch for opening times before you make the trip to the high street.

Can I pay a cheque in at the post office?

It varies from bank to bank but your best bet is to use a cheque deposit envelope.

Post Office banking is available as normal during opening hours including weekends and will accommodate most high street banks for most other transactions, but only do cash withdrawal and balance enquiries for Nationwide.

Please check to see what they do for your bank here.




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