An Insight Into The Journey Of A Serial Entrepreneur, Ray Pang Si Heng

Ray Pang Si Heng, a mischievous yet intelligent kid, whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to build his own business.

The 25-year-old is looking forward to impact, influence and inspire people globally by creating and supporting a powerful online network of authentic leaders by growing their audience and turning them into loyal, paying customers.

Ray is originally from Singapore and used to be good at academics, but as he started socialising and getting involved in sports, he built skills which laid the foundations that helped him achieve all he has today.

Before pursuing Bachelor of Business, from Monash University, Australia, Ray was enlisted into the Singapore army for two years. He then got a chance to be an intern in a FinTech Start-Up in Melbourne after graduating from Monash. He took over the role of so many things – operations, finance, partnerships, executive meetings, strategy sessions and many more.

After Ray got laid off in August 2019 due to financial issues within the start-up, he decided to never rely on an employer for income ever again. He started digging deep into making money online and building a network. “After realizing that putting my future and my situations at the mercy of just one company and whatnot, I quickly concluded that I had to find a way to make money in any condition. And I knew I had to make money in different ways so that whenever one source gets cut off when things don’t go according to plan, I could still live comfortably.” Ray said.

Ray came across an Australian business coach, Sean, who helps people escape their 9-5 and live life on their terms. He invested his last USD$3,000.00 to learn to make money online after being laid off. With the skills he had and passion to build his empire, Ray started connecting with people.

“I knew how to network with the right people, because I knew how to inspire people with congruence by backing up my words with action. And because I know what my strengths and weaknesses are, I’ve grown faster than anyone else in my immediate social circle. And the best part? I’m ONLY beginning”, Ray remarked.

At present, Ray’s businesses include:

The Addicted2Success Academy stands as a world-class self-development education platform that offers the ability for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and aspiring online influencers to jump inside a mastermind to learn directly from all the world-class elites.

Speaker Agency helps coaches, speakers, thought-leaders, build, grow, and dominate in their industry online using relationship-driven business developments, marketing, sales strategies and teams.

Addicted2Fitness is an online fitness & lifestyle platform + App where people can learn the essential 6-pillars of health where education, training, and community is all in one place.

He says he chooses entrepreneurship as his career, “Because it’s a perfect space for me to never be in a place where my current state and future are at the mercy of someone else.”

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