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We always had an idea of Earning money the Traditional way ‘offline’. With internet being the main source of all the information we have, online careers can make you pay your bills as well.

However you need be really careful while doing any online business, for what are the platform you are opting for while doing the business. While there are numerous ways to invest and build online but some of these may end you up into a scam. Also do not expect to get a huge amount of income in the beginning of your career.

Following are the number Of ways to work online –

  1. Freelancing –
    Freelancing being the most popular way to earn money online with large options available. There are some website which offers you freelancing tasks to perform with the variety of skills you have.
    You need to create your personal listing with the skills you have on various websites such as : fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc

Remember to revise the work several times unless the requirement of the client are met.
From this career you can earn from anywhere around ₹300 to ₹30,000

  1. Start your own Website

This includes choosing the domain and templates that you want and designing your own website. Once you are considered consistent with your work you may land up into Google adsense. The traffic you get on your website would give you more earnings.

  1. Affiliate marketing
    Allowing the companies to insert web links into the website your are preparing or designing can make you earn income on per click and per buy.
  2. Reviews on ways platforms
    There are website which offer you money to review their online surveys, carrying out online searches that you make and the Reviews you give to their product or service.
    Be careful for this kind of work as there are many fraud websites too, you need to evaluate the reputation of the website and then work.

  3. Content writing
    Just like the way your write on your website you can write for someone else and cutting the work you need to do for designing your website you can directly earn by just writing for someone else.

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5 ways to make money online - Finance Jungle

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