5 Ways Earn Money Online If You’re Jobless During COVID-19

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Bilal is an eCommerce and digital marketing enthusiast, who writes @ withintheflow.com !

Are you fed up of quarantine? So am I.

After spending time on Netflix, gaming and counting all the
stars in the sky, I have finally decided to try something new. I
started listening podcast and came across some facts that shocked me to the core.

According to Planet Money Podcast, Unemployment wave is about the hit most of US states due to lock down. It is estimated that by June over 14 million people will lose their job and the situation is about to get worsen than 2008 recession.

P.S: I am not jobless (so far).

Since then, I started thinking about the worst-case scenario – what if I had no job, and nowhere to go due to COVID-19. So, I gave myself a challenge to figure out multiple ways to make money when you have following things:

1 – A Laptop

2 – An internet connection

3 – Plenty of time

Fortunately, I am associated to online-selling industry so I did not have to think for too long to figure out ways to make money from home.

So, here are the five genuine ways that I found out that can help you to make money in quarantine.

1. Become Transcriber

If you are good in understanding different English accents like me than you can easily make some good money by working for few hours in a day.

You just need to hear an audio and convert it into text form.

But, you need some smart working because if you do the whole process manually then it would take you multiple hours to transcribe a 10 minutes video.

That’s where Otter comes to the rescue. Its free plan (600 minutes/month) would help you transcribe a video easily.

You just need to upload audio and it will transcribe it, however it is auto generated so you need to listen the audio and read the text carefully and correct text that has been wrongly transcribed.

This practice would save a lot of time while transcribing. Trust me I am telling it from personal experience.

Here are some website where you can get Transcribing jobs,

Register yourself on these websites for free and select the
transcribing jobs from list.

2. Teach Online

Here I am not talking about preparing a full-fledged course for Udemy or Skillshare. You can teach even if you do not have any college degree.

If you are in complete isolation at your home then you would love this job. You do not need any sort of qualification if you know English then you can earn money.

Teach English on VIP KID – This website hire native English speakers to teach. You can easily join this platform after giving a simple test.

You can earn an average of $22 for an hour class. 

People are actually making some good by just spending few hours in day teaching. It could become fun job if you are good in explaining.

3. Earn with Amazon

Many people think that one can only earn from Amazon by selling. Other than selling, Amazon offers multiple ways to earn with Amazon and some of those can be done by working from home.

Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mturk is a platform where multiple minor jobs are posted regularly.

Majority of tasks are menial job such as answer the survey, data validation etc. You just need to register as worker on this platform and apply for the job.

It is not a quick rich scheme but you can earn a decent amount of money by sparing few hours in a day.

Amazon Virtual Location

Amazon Virtual Location another platform of Amazon to find highly paid jobs by working from home. You can find job in any department including Amazon web service, marketing, HR, sales & advertisement, software development and IT support.

The job duration depends on the recruiter’s requirement it could
be full-time, half-time, contractual or seasonal. You can sort the job by
category, type and cities. Check out Amazon virtual location page for job openings.

4. Take Part in Research – Respondant.io

How about a task in which you just need to become a participant in a research to earn some really good money.

Respondant.io pays up to $150 per research that maximum concluded in an hour.

The process is quite straightforward, you just need to join as a participant and apply for the research.

To join this platform you only have to fulfill two requirements.

i. You must be 18+

ii. You must have a PayPal

Your location does not matter, you can join from anywhere in the world to become a respondent.

5. Earn by Watching Videos

Yes, you can earn online by just watching video online, search the web and playing video games.

There are platforms on which you can earn by almost doing these tasks, the major platforms are:

You just need to sign up for free and start making points by doing menial tasks, and then you can convert those in the form of money and withdraw it from PayPal.

Also, you withdraw them in the form of Amazon gift cards and Walmart gift cards.

Wrapping Up

Almost every major economical hub is lockdown and God knows how long we have to deal with COVID-19.

So, if you are home and nothing else to do then why not spend time in making some extra bucks.

You can easily make up to $1000 in a month by giving few hours of your day on these above-mentioned platforms.

So, make the best out of your quarantine and hope for the

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Bilal is an eCommerce and digital marketing enthusiast, who writes @ withintheflow.com !



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