15 Work From Home Job Opportunities To Make Money During Quarantine

Earn money while you isolate.

Across America and the globe, governments are ordering non-essential workers to stay home in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19. While it’s business as usual for many workers, albeit with more loungewear and less appropriate footwear, some sectors have been almost entirely wiped out by these social-distancing efforts.

According to a report, one-third of Americans say they or an immediate family member have lost their job due to the pandemic, resulting in a loss of income for many households. This sudden shift in our working practices has totally altered the way we do business, meaning employers will have their eyes opened to the potential for remote jobs.

How can you find work from home jobs, or have more success in your job search?

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It’s easy to feel trapped in your home with nothing to do except vow to never complain about your daily commute ever again once this is all over. But there are still a variety of exciting remote job opportunities opening up during this crazy time.

Fortunately, many online career portals allow you to filter for remote work, and given the unique global situation almost all new job postings will be flexible when it comes to working from home. Use your screen time wisely by looking through online job postings via LinkedIn, Indeed, or FlexJobs, an awesome platform that specialized in remote work even before it became the new normal.

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