10 Businesses students do on campus

People think that students naturally feel the need to make more money while on campus. They never consider the fact that at times, their parents may be facing financial difficulties, some may be struggling to make ends meet, while some may need money to do certain things. Regardless, campus life is more fun and productive when students do different things to make money.

If you are curious as to how students go about making money on campus, keep reading to discover ten (10) businesses students do on campus to make money.

1. Photography:

We all want to look good in pictures. And because of that, we would rather let professional photographers take pictures of us than do it ourselves, using our phone cameras. Just as we do this, students do it too. They also want to look better than they actually are when they post their photos on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, or when they want to set their profile picture on LinkedIn. Regardless of what they intend to use the photo for, they all need the services of a professional photographer. Students who engage in this business make a lot of cash from it.

2. Hairdressing:

This is very popular on campuses. Students, particularly females, plait, braid and style hairs for their female counterparts and earn money from it. Females love to look beautiful, and since their hair go a long way in determining that, they do everything possible to get a professional hairdresser to style their hair at affordable rates.

3. Tutorials:

A large percentage of students in universities find it difficult to learn on their own. This is why, in every school, there is always a large number of tutorial centres. While graduates and entrepreneurs own some of these centres, they still employ the services of intelligent students to help tutor their learners. Notwithstanding, smart students maximise their brilliance by teaching others, thus gaining more knowledge and making money in return.

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4. Writing:

Students are lazy. They love it when they find people to help with what they are supposed to do. Smart students take advantage of this opportunity by helping their peers, colleagues or friends write their assignments, projects and even theses/dissertations. Some also go further by using online platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to get more writing gigs, thus earning more money in return.

5. Graphic Design:

Graphic design is quite tricky as it requires a firm knowledge of design tools such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape and many more. As a result, people hire experts to help with their design needs. Students who are good at it tend to do it at affordable prices, and this leads to more gigs. Due to the nature of graphic designs, students who work in this field tend to get more jobs from brands, advertising agencies, and even book publishers.

6. Fashion Design:

Everyone wants to look cool, including students who are meant to focus on their studies. However, while a set of students spend chunks of money buying items and clothes, another set collects the money by providing these clothes/items. On campuses today, there is at least one (1) student who is a fashion designer in every hostel, and these students make a whole lot of money.

7. Shoemaking/repair:

This sounds weird. Why should students who would ordinarily like to rock the campus like others spend their time making/repairing shoes? This question is exactly why students doing this business are making a lot of money. To many, shoemaking/repair seems more like a ‘dirty’ business, and that is why just a few are fetching big money from it.

8. Apparel Printing:

While many students love to look cool, some want to be recognised instantly. They want to appear at classes, events or gatherings without having to mention their names before you find out. These students go all the way to imprint their clothes and attires with their names or logos. While this may seem to be an unpopular business venture, due to its complexity, students involved are cashing out every single day. Also, students who are highly skilled at doing this get the chance to brand clothes and other items for companies and corporate organisations.

9. Social Media Influencing:

Just as we have phones, students also do. However, what we do with these phones differ. Smart students, who have been able to systematically gather a large number of friends and followers on social media, get paid to run ads and promotions for brands that need publicity and visibility. This may seem to be an easy business venture. Still, only a few are involved, because accumulating a sizeable number of friends and followers on social media platforms is not an easy task.

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10. Cleaning Service:

As earlier stated, students are lazy. However, the diligent ones take advantage of the situation. As lazy students will always require the services of a cleaner to help with chores, plates and even clothes, the diligent ones will always be available to cater for these needs. Apart from assisting lazy students with their cleaning tasks, some of them commercialise it further by helping nearby offices and homes to assist with their cleaning needs, thus making money in return.

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